1. How to verify facebook business account ?

Link: https://business.facebook.com/settings/security

Kindly click on above link and follow the steps to verify your facebook business account.

Step 1: Go to Business Manager's Security Centre. Click Start verification.

Step 2: Provide your business's details, including the legal business name, address, phone number and website.

Note: Make sure that the details you submit exactly match the details of your legal business entity. Also make sure that your business's website loads and is HTTPS compliant.

Step 3: Confirm your business's details.

Step 4: Upload supporting documents, such as a business licence or articles of incorporation, to confirm the details you entered.

Step 5: Choose a method to confirm your connection.

Step 6: A confirmation code will be sent if you choose email, phone, text message or WhatsApp. To confirm via domain verification

Step 7: When you've finished, click Done.

Accepted document types

If your business is not listed when you attempt to verify it, you may be asked to upload official documents to prove that your business has been registered. These documents should validate the legal name of your business and your business's official postal address or phone number. Remember to cover any additional personal information that we do not need to verify your business, such as a social security number or the local equivalent in your country, if it is included in the document. You may also be asked to provide proof of website domain ownership if you choose to receive a verification code at your email address.

The primary document types that are acceptable for business verification are as follows. Make sure that these documents are not expired and are issued by the relevant authorities.

  1. Certificate/Articles of incorporation

  2. Business registration or licence document

  3. Government-issued business tax document: This could include a tax certificate. Self-filed tax documents are not accepted.

  4. Business bank statement

  5. Utility bill: A utility bill is only accepted for Business address and Phone number. The legal business name must be on the utility bill. A utility bill is not an acceptable document for legal business name verification

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