WhatsApp Conversation Credit (WCC)


META don't charge you for every single message you send. Instead, they charge for the conversations you have with your customers. A conversation is like a chat that lasts for 24 hours between you and a customer.


Conversations fall into categories. There are four types:

  • Marketing: When you send messages about promos, updates, or invites.

  • Utility: These help with specific requests, like confirming transactions.

  • Authentication: Used to verify users, like one-time passcodes during login.

  • Service: To help you solve customer questions.

Customer Service Window

When a customer messages you, there's a 24-hour timer. While it's running, you can send different types of messages. During this duration, businesses can converse with the customers in any free-form or normal text messages. After 24 hours, you can only send template messages.

Conversation Duration

Most conversations last 24 hours. If a new conversation starts, it resets the timer. But free-entry point conversations have a 72-hour timer.

  • Other than service conversation, all other conversation initiated from the business end needs to be done by sending a template.

  • On sending a template message now, each of the templates opens up a 24-hour window of that type of conversation

  • Once the message is delivered, the pricing will be charged based on the conversation type window opened.

  • If a customer replies, a business can then send any free-form or normal text messages

  • If a business sends a marketing template at 9am and a utility template at 10am, two conversation windows will open up and charged accordingly. To understand the pricing with its use cases, check out this document

Free Tier Conversations

You get 1,000 free service conversations every month. They reset at the beginning of each month.

WhatsApp Conversation Pricing in INR :

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