Commonly asked questions in support

  • What to do when my campaign gets paused? | Campaign paused

    Possible Reasons: Campaigns are typically paused due to insufficient funds or falling below the forecasted value. In rare cases, they may be paused due to account status or template status issues. Solution: Ensure your account has adequate funds and verify the status of your account and templates.

  • What is the solution for a template rejected due to multiple new lines? | Template rejected

    Possible Reasons: This issue arises when there are two consecutive empty lines in the template. Solution: Ensure that your template does not contain multiple continuous empty lines to avoid this problem.

  • What to do when the bot is not triggering? | Bot not triggering

    Possible Reasons : Check the complete flow to ensure it is correctly configured. Solution: Verify that it is assigned to the API number and that the keywords are set properly.

  • How to enable an account that is disabled due to spam or business policy violations? | Fb disabled

    Solutions : Please refer to this documentation to request a review and enable your Business Manager account: Meta Guide.

  • Why do templates fall into unprocessable status? | Template un processable

    Possible Reasons : This usually happens due to an invalid template format. Solution: Start your template with a greeting and ensure that any media included is below the size limit.

  • Why are multiple bots getting triggered at the same time? |

    Possible Reasons : This occurs when the same trigger word is set for different bots assigned to the same number. Solution: Use the default action to prevent this issue.

  • What to do when the number gets flagged? | Number flagged

    Possible Reasons : Numbers usually get flagged due to low-quality templates. Solutions: You can request Meta to change the status by requesting a review.

  • What are the major reasons for template rejections?

    Possible Reasons :Templates are rejected due to improper content, incorrect format, inactive account status, or content that appears to spam customers. Solutions : Ensure your template is well-formatted, the account is active, and the content is appropriate and non-spammy.

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