Frequently asked questions

Chats FAQs

  1. What is Session chats or 24hrs window ? Session chats is nothing but open chats, These open chats will be started by user side, where you can chat anything which will be free of cost.

  2. What are the charges to sending the template ? For India, Marketing will be 77 paisa/ conversation, Utility cost you 33paisa/conversation, Service will be 0.30 paisa/conversation

  3. Will i be charged for the every template i send ? No, for the first template it will be charged and also it’ll be free for 24hrs for same number. For eg : You’ve sent a marketing template message to 123456789 from your API number it’ll be charged and then if you send another marketing template to same number then it’ll be free

  4. What i need to do when chat is closed ? If you need to start a conversation with user when chat is closed, you can start sending the templates then if user reply for that it’ll be open chats.

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