Frequently asked questions


  1. How many message i can trigger in one go ! ? Based on the limit given by meta you can trigger the message, you can check the limit in the Settings. To know more about the limit : 4. How often phone number status changes ?

  2. What are the messaging limit for my WhatsApp Number ? If your Business is verified starts with 1K TO 100k per day ! If not it’ll be 250 per day

  3. Will i be charged for failed message ? No charges will be applicable for the failed message, Only for the successfully sent message will be charged

  4. Can i download the report of this campaign ? Yes all the analytics will be available, you can download the report if you’re in the premium plan

  5. What are the reason for the failed message ? The reason will be based on the error code you receive. Link :

  6. Will my quality score decrease if i keep spamming the user ? Yes, Even spamming will decrease the Quality score.

  7. What will be the charges if i retarget to the customer within 24 hrs ? Once you initiate the template till 24 hrs you can initiate the template with free of cost for the same number. Retargeting the customer will not charge you upto 24 hrs.

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