Facebook Ads

Connect Facebook pages and WhatsApp Business accounts easily with WhatsTool Business. Automate messages to new leads and customers with FB Leads integration.

With WhatsTool Business, you can easily connect your Facebook pages and your WhatsApp Business accounts to use WhatsTool Business automation features like sending messages to new leads and customers.

To use the FB Leads integration, simply connect your Facebook page to WhatsTool Business and create a lead ad. When someone submits their information through the ad, Gallabox will automatically create a contact for them in your WhatsTool Business account and send them a message.

Steps :

  1. Go to App Integrations select the Facebook Ads

  2. Click on connect and login your facebook account

  3. Click on reconnect and complete the setup

  4. Kindly add the page in which your running the Ad

  5. Click on add facebook page

  6. Select the required page and save it

  7. Once that is done click on configure workflow

  8. Select the form in which you want to send message

  9. Click on send message and select the template then add the variable in it

Kindly refer the below video for better understanding

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