WhatsTool Platform Pricing

Unlock the magic of WhatsApp for your Business

Unlock the magic of WhatsApp for your Business

In our Platform we offer 4 Different Plans :

  1. Growth

  2. Growth +

  3. Pro

  4. Pro + (Custom)

These are the plans where you can purchase it for Quarterly and Yearly:

Quarterly Plan

Yearly Plan

Subscription Details

The "Plan & Subscription" section provides details about your active subscription, including the plan name, billing frequency, plan start date, plan end date, and access to your invoices.

Additionally, you have access to your subscription invoices, which provide a detailed breakdown of your billing history and payments.

Active Plan

This is the name of your current subscription plan. It outlines the features and services included in your subscription.

Upgrade Plan

This option allows you to explore other subscription plans and potentially switch to a different one if it better suits your needs.


This is where you can access your subscription invoices. Invoices provide detailed information about your billing history, including the breakdown of charges, payments, and other financial records related to your subscription.

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