Frequently asked questions


  1. Can i export the user input by the bot integrating with the google sheets ? Yes, you can do this by calling the api in the chatbot, all the data from the user will be store in the Google sheet.

  2. Can i store the user input in the CRM ? Yes you can use the Actions in the chatbot to store the custom field in Dashboard.

  3. Can i use the two starting node in bot canvas ? No, You can keep only one Starting node in the One bot.

  4. What should be length of the Chatbot ? There is no restriction for the length of the chatbot

  5. Can i use the AI bots in WhatsTool Business ? Yes you can use the AI Bot by integrating the OpenAI in the Chatbot.

  6. Is there any limit for the keywords to trigger the bot ? There is no limit for the keywords you can add triggers by providing the “ , “.

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