Razorpay is a leading online payment gateway platform based in India, offering businesses a suite of payment solutions to accept payments securely and efficiently.

Razorpay is a payment gateway that allows businesses to accept online payments through various methods. Integrating Razorpay into your website or application allows you to securely process payments from customers. Steps to be Followed :

  1. Go to Whatstool Business and click on Setting.

  2. Click on App Integrations and Select Razorpay

  3. Agree to Terms & Conditions and Login to you're Razorpay Account

  4. Once you Logged in Click on Authorize and Complete the Process.

  5. Once this is Done, Configure the Setting and save it.

  6. Now you can Request the Payment from our Panel through WhatsApp.

Kindly Refer the below Video if you face any Issue.

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