How to create quick replies?

A quick reply is a concise and prompt response provided in a timely manner to a message or inquiry. It aims to address the immediate need or query without unnecessary delay, enabling efficient communication and fostering productivity. Whether in personal conversations, professional settings, or digital interactions, offering a quick reply demonstrates attentiveness and respect for the sender's time. Quick replies can range from brief acknowledgments to more detailed responses, depending on the context and complexity of the communication. Embracing the practice of quick replies enhances connectivity, strengthens relationships, and facilitates smooth information exchange in today's fast-paced world.

Type of Quick Reply you can create :

  1. Interactive message

  2. Menu message

  3. Text message

  4. CTA buttons

  5. Media message


Steps :

  1. Kindly click on contacts & CRM

  2. Click on quick reply

  3. Click on create a quick reply

  4. Select the type of message you want to create

  5. Enter the message

  6. Click on create.

Kindly refer the below video for better understanding

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