1. How to create my customise bot message ?

Kindly refer the below video for better reference



  1. Kindly click on Automation

  2. Click on create chatbot & give a title and description for chatbot

  3. Now, you're in Bot Canvas

  4. Kindly drag & drop the message from left panels

  5. Edit the messages and save it

  6. Drag and drop the next message and connect between two nodes to trigger this message.

Types of messages available in Chatbot

  1. Interactive message

  2. Menu message

  3. Text message

  4. Media message

  5. Button Reference

  6. Catalogue message

  7. Actions message

  8. Ask a question message

  9. AI message

10. Templates

How to assign whatsapp API number ?

Steps :

  1. Go to particular bot canvas

  2. Click on the assign on the top

  3. Select the Whatsapp API Number and click on update

Steps 2 :

  1. Open the Automotion

  2. Go to that Particular chatbot

  3. Click on Whatsapp icon in the actions

  4. Select the Whatsapp API number

  5. Click on update.

How to set a trigger word in Whatsapp API number ?


  1. Open the Bot

  2. Select the First message or starting node

  3. On your right, there will be keywords

  4. Enter the keywords

  5. Click on save to get trigger the message.

Importance of Chatbot

Chatbots play a crucial role in various aspects of business and customer interaction, offering several key benefits:

  1. 24/7 Availability: Chatbots are available round the clock, providing instant responses to customer inquiries regardless of the time of day. This ensures that customers receive assistance and information whenever they need it, improving satisfaction and loyalty.

  2. Scalability: Chatbots can handle multiple conversations simultaneously, allowing businesses to scale their customer support operations without a proportional increase in staffing costs. This scalability is particularly beneficial during peak periods or when dealing with high volumes of inquiries.

  3. Cost-Effectiveness: By automating routine inquiries and tasks, chatbots reduce the need for human intervention in customer support, leading to cost savings for businesses. Moreover, chatbots can handle a large number of inquiries simultaneously, further enhancing cost-effectiveness.

  4. Improved Efficiency: Chatbots provide instant responses to common queries, reducing the time customers spend waiting for assistance. This improves efficiency and enhances the overall customer experience by minimizing response times and streamlining communication.

  5. Personalization: Advanced chatbots can analyze user data and behavior to deliver personalized recommendations, offers, and assistance tailored to individual preferences and needs. This personalization helps businesses build stronger relationships with customers and drive engagement.

  6. Consistent Service: Chatbots deliver consistent responses to inquiries, ensuring that customers receive accurate information and assistance regardless of the agent handling their query. This consistency helps maintain brand reputation and customer satisfaction levels.

  7. Data Collection and Analysis: Chatbots can collect valuable data on customer interactions, preferences, and pain points, providing businesses with insights to improve their products, services, and marketing strategies. Analyzing chatbot interactions helps businesses understand customer behavior and identify areas for optimization.

  8. Lead Generation and Sales Support: Chatbots can engage customers in conversations, qualify leads, and provide product recommendations, effectively serving as virtual sales assistants. By guiding customers through the purchase process and addressing their concerns, chatbots help drive conversions and increase sales.

In summary, chatbots are essential tools for businesses seeking to enhance customer service, streamline operations, and drive engagement. By providing instant responses, scalability, cost-effectiveness, personalization, and valuable data insights, chatbots play a vital role in improving the overall customer experience and achieving business objectives.

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