2. How to add team member in WhatsTool Business ?

Team member allows you to manage user access and permissions within WhatsTool Business.

Kindly refer the below video for better understanding.

Team Member

As a Team member you can assign them in three different roles :

  1. Team Member

  2. Manager

  3. Custom

Team Member : In this section he can only access My chats, Contacts and creating templates, Quick Reply and uploading media, rest all things will be read only.

Manager : In this section he'll be having each and every access, only the WhatsApp API number access will be read only.

Custom : In this section the who is providing the access can decide which he wants to give and assign the team member.

Masking the customer contacts is also available in the Team member section.



  1. Kindly go to settings

  2. Click on add team member

  3. Fill the details Email ID and name of the team member

  4. Select the role for your team member

  5. Assign the Whatsapp API Number.

  6. Click on Add

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